What my clients say

Damián Benigno

Monitor and trainer of Sport activities.

Reflections on Coaching after completion, by Damian Benigno, Monitor and trainer of Sport activities.
I started coaching sessions without a clear idea what I would find but with much interest and curiosity. So without any expectation I had thought to absorb all that I could be helpful. The first sessions greatly surprised me because, although I focused the attention on the workplace, I realized that other things like my past and my past experiences and my routines much conditioned my career.

Coaching kept me active and prone to take advantage of opportunities presented to me. I started to commit a little more to my job and my coach. Somehow I changed my thinking and my way of seeing many things at my job that looked just like before, and thus to act differently to them, always with positivism and growth. For example when dealing with colleagues and bosses or at least parts that I least liked, such as dealing with children.

With Toby was all very easy, did not cost me anything to understand him, and encouraged me in all my decisions, pushing me to face new challenges and motivate me. He saw the evolution and let me know, and in fact, move up the target to target , I was eager to go on and take that attitude from now, and for the future. Concerning the sessions, he always adapted to my schedule, rescheduling them no problem when I requested and always keeping to our agenda by both parties.

My resume had been four years without new training, and in the six months I spent doing coaching we have added two training courses, which have influenced the way I work immensely, giving my group classes a point of quality. I have verified this with my students who have noticed it and thanked me. I am currently studying two major Grades, Director of sports companies and National Fitness Coach. Diploma I always had in mind but apparently never dared to start until I started coaching.

It has been a very positive experience both in business and personally, as I now try to take into account my wishes and be more organized, avoiding beliefs and procrastination and reflecting occasionally if I ‘m on the right way to these desires and if I do what really makes me happy. Squeezing my strengths and strengthening weaknesses day by day I am now a better monitor with much higher goals.

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