Coaching… is a continuous learning process for the person to achieve extraordinary results in the various challenges of his life.

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Professional Services

Toby Govan Works and applies Executive Coaching to the following services: Executive Coaching: Self-employed, Small Businesses, and Companies...

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The Process

It is the time bracket in which the coachee receives his coaching sessions and performs his personal improvement. There are mainly three ways: Face-to-face, Skype, Telephone...

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Self Improvement

Section for continous self improvement. Books, links, articles...recommended by Toby Govan.

Who is Toby Govan?

Meet The Coach

Toby Govan is an Executive Coach who lives in Asturias (Spain) of British origin. He is fully bilingual.

Associate Coach CA65 by AECOP and EMCC, he defines himself as proactive and Vitalist.
As a Sports Coach Consultant, he collaborates with Football Coaches and their teams to get the highest performance out of their players and staff.

He came to coaching through his other profession, Sculptor. Artists, as in all liberal professions, suffer creative discontinuity, limiting beliefs and changes in their self-esteem.

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Damián Benigno

Monitor and trainer of Sport activities.

I started coaching sessions without a clear idea what I would find but with much interest and curiosity. So without any expectation I had thought to absorb all that I could be helpful. The first sessions greatly surprised me because, although I focused the attention on the workplace, I realized that other things like my past and my past experiences and my routines much conditioned my career.
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