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About Toby Govan

Toby Govan is an Executive Coach who lives in Asturias (Spain) of British origin. He is fully bilingual.

Associate Coach CA65 by AECOP and EMCC, he defines himself as proactive and Vitalist.
As a Sports Coach Consultant, he collaborates with Football Coaches and their teams to get the highest performance out of their players and staff.

He came to coaching through his other profession, Sculptor. Artists, as in all liberal professions, suffer creative discontinuity, limiting beliefs and changes in their self-esteem.

Works as a Consultant for the Madrid company SERH in projects at Real Madrid Basketball, Insurance Plus Ultra.

my_linkedin_profile_iconCreator with Javier Martin of the Course: “Don’t stop, Coaching Tools for the unemployed “and the presentation “What they call Coaching …. ”

He is currently developing his registered Coaching method VIDA that reflects his style and way of focusing on all aspects of a person so as to set out for his goals.

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