In these days we are walking a path of recycling our values and customs.It is  the best time to start those “things ” we always leave on the shelf because of the lack of time.These  ” things ” are probably the ones that define us as individuals and distinguish us from one another . If we stop them , we turn gray without color, dependent on ….. money and time.
So the solution is, that old expression I saw on the walls in the years of the transition here in Spain: “Stop the world I want to get off ! ” . Yes, it is just that!!! It is about stopping that ball of excuses , obligations , pseudo- responsibilities and ..take care a little of ….. ourselves !
Take any little thing that you stopped doing and start doing it again it again. For example learn a language,a stroll on the beach , or just read a book.

To restart a habit you must be consistent and must put yourself into ACTION , ATTITUDE and use all your PASSION .
Passion, yes, that twinkle we see in people’s eyes that convinces us !

Live to work, or work to live?

In the world of Coaching you find prototypes of clients but still each client is completely different. He is escorted by his circumstances, making the personal development work, original and unique.

So the initial question is easily answered: both are valid.
They have one thing in common… you have to live!
Work, or lack of work, is a circumstance of our life!

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